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About Poo-Pourri

So how did Poo-Pourri come about, I hear you ask? We’ll get to the bottom of that.

Suzy Batiz, the founder and CEO of the company, was a small town girl with big dreams. Taking inspiration from her husband and sons (or more specifically from their fumes) she spent a year experimenting with different formulas to stifle the stink, and finally struck gold in the Spring of 2007.

Her secret was in trapping odours at the source and eliminating them, instead of just masking them. The spray forms a protective coating on the water which covers anything that enters, thereby preventing any odours from escaping.

She also insisted that everything was kept organic and environmentally friendly. The secret blends rely on natural, plant-derived essential oils to eliminate bathroom odors. There are:

  1. • NO Harsh Chemicals
  2. • NO Parabens
  3. • NO Phthalates
  4. • NO Aerosol
  5. • NO Formaldehyde
  6. • NO Petroleum Distillates
  7. • NO Ethanol
  8. • NO Benzene

This all means that it is safe for your septic systems, and of course the planet. In keeping with these ethics, Poo-Pourri never tests on animals (only on stinky humans).

Poo Pourri making a splash online!

For Suzy, coming up with the magical formula was only half the battle. She then had to go about marketing the product in such a way so as not to offend people, and without causing anyone to cringe with the use of bad puns. (This is a ta-poo subject, after all.)

She hired an art director to design her bottles, and a creative director to come up with an effective marketing campaign. The resulting video is as straight talking as the brand name suggests. Potty mouthed actress Bethany Woodruff manages to turn an uncomfortable topic into a humorous one, with the help of a hilariously shocking script. It’s not all toilet humour, however, as she also manages to dump a load (if you excuse the pun!) of information our way about the product itself. And her talents have certainly not gone to waste. Her well-timed delivery has resulted in a viral internet sensation that has amassed over 40 million views on Youtube!

Poo-Pourri has also attracted media interest from all over the world, with overwhelmingly positive reviews across the pond. Closer to home, the Daily Mail have called it ‘innovative’ and a ‘huge success’.

As well as the obvious appeal for personal use, Poo-Pourri has also gained huge popularity as a humorous gift, which is then discovered to serve a very practical purpose. With an ever expanding business, Poo-Pourri now comes in several different sizes and scents, making it suitable for all occasions and for all members of the family. Just remember to spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!

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