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Poo Pourri has taken US by storm, with over 4 million bottles sold to happy customers, who can now put behind them the horror stories of stinking toilets! Poo Pourri is however a new product to the UK market, so we were eager to find out if it really does what it says on the label on this side of the ocean.

To be able to give you honest and objective views, we've asked a number of leading UK bloggers to put Poo Pourri to the test and here is what they've said (Links below will lead you to the relevant blog's page where you can read the full review). You’ll see that despite Poo Pourri’s endless string of toilet puns and laugh-out-loud funny fragrance names, this product is no joke!

Northumberland Mam

"This product might seem like a funny joke but I can tell you from experience that it makes sharing a bathroom a lot easier....Once you've had it on hand for a while, you won't want to be without it....It could be really handy if you work in an office environment..."

For a full review, click here.


"(...) we were all amazed at how well this product masked any unpleasant smells. I would certainly recommend it as it makes the whole bathroom smell lovely! My son also does not feel as embarrassed any more when he goes to the loo."

For full review, click here

Verily Victoria Vocalises

"Let me tell you, I have tested this and it really works – it smells like you haven’t even been! Because, of course, as Poo-Pourri’s video states ‘Girls Don’t Poop’! "

For a full review, click here.

The Mummy Madness

"We have had poo-pourii in our toilet for the last two weeks and I cannot believe how good it is! "

For a full review, click here.

Bizzimummy's World

"Poo Pourri sounds like a bit of a novelty joke product but it’s actually quite a useful thing to either keep in your handbag or keep on top of your own toilet at home"

For a full review, click here.

Angela from This is Life

"The verdict is, it does work. Instead of smelling poo, we smell Deja Poo!"

For a full review, click here.

Rock and Roll Pussycat

"So does it work? YES! Surprisingly, it really does. I've been forcing my husband to use this prior to a bathroom visit, and although I can smell the Poo Pourri, I can't smell poo! That HAS to be a good thing! "

We were also tempted to try it out!

When the easyfitzshop team first heard about Poo Pourri, most of us were very excited about such a simple yet brilliant idea. A few however were sceptical if a "miracle cure" for toilet smells has really been invented, so as soon as Poo Pourri arrived we each took a sample bottle home to try it out on ourselves, family members and whoever else happened to use our toilets! Here are some of our reactions:

"This product is just as effective and useful for men as it is for women! And it makes a great gift too!”

"Wow, it really works! You immediately regret it when you forget to use it though...!"

"I love this product! So much so, I want to give it as a gift to all my friends and family. That's my Christmas list sorted!"

"Going to the toilet is awkward no more!"

"It smells like you just gave your bathroom a cheeky spring clean!"

"I used this product and it worked really well, I'd highly recommend that you try it and find out for yourself"

"It works! Take it from me, it's handy to have when the in-laws are round..."

"Handbag essential for those out and about visits!"

"A miracle product that works for men!!! Can't live without it now!"

"If it worked on my husband, it will work on anyone!"

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